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  • What is the best way to contact you?
    Through my email. That is what I check most frequently.
  • Are the finished paintings framed?
    Many do come framed. The frames vary by image and were selected to accentuate the art. If requested, I can send a picture of the framed art. If you decide you would like another frame, the price can be adjusted.
  • How are the paintings finished?
    Each painting is finished with a professional satin varnish. The satin finish reduces glare but does give a shine to the painting. A varnish also enhances the color. It provides UV protection and protects from dust. Even with varnish, image art should not be placed in direct sunlight.
  • What is the price range of your paintings?
    In general the prices range from about $150 to $500. Most are charged by size but there are a few exceptions for those that required substantially more time to create.
  • Why do you chose to work on small canvases and canvas panels?
    I do mostly small works because I love the details. While not strictly realism, as I take liberties with colors or move features around, I like the details that give an image personality. While still viewable from a distance, it makes the work suitable for close viewing. I like canvas panels for their ease of framing and stiff surface. I use a professional grade of canvas.
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